1. Abstract

    Blockchain technology, initially synonymous with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, has evolved into a multifaceted innovation with far-reaching implications across industries. This abstract explores the benefits of investing in blockchain technology, highlighting its transformative potential in areas such as finance, supply chain management, healthcare, and beyond. Conducting a comparative analysis of investments on blockchain landscape versus traditional finance instruments offers valuable insights into their distinct benefits and challenges. While traditional finance has historically been the bedrock of investment strategies, the emergence of blockchain technology introduces innovative paradigms that redefine established norms.

    1. Transparency and Trust
    2. Blockchain's decentralized nature eliminates the need for intermediaries, fostering trust through transparent and immutable record-keeping. token holders can leverage this feature to streamline transactions, reduce fraud, and enhance accountability. Blockchain investments offer unparalleled transparency and trust through decentralized ledger technology, whereas traditional finance often relies on centralized intermediaries. While traditional systems provide regulatory oversight and familiarity, blockchain's transparency mitigates counterparty risk and enhances token holders confidence.

    3. Efficiency and Cost Savings
    4. By automating processes and eliminating manual reconciliation, blockchain can significantly reduce operational costs for businesses. Smart contracts, self-executing agreements coded on the blockchain, enable automated transactions, cutting down on time and resources traditionally required for contract management. Blockchain investments streamline processes and reduce costs through automation and elimination of intermediaries, contrasting with the relatively labor-intensive and costly nature of traditional finance transactions. While traditional systems may offer established infrastructures, blockchain's efficiency drives operational savings and accelerates transaction speeds.

    5. Security and Data Integrity
    6. Blockchain's cryptographic features ensure that data stored on the ledger is tamper-proof and secure. This heightened security not only protects sensitive information but also mitigates the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks, a critical consideration in today's digital landscape. Blockchain investments prioritize security and data integrity through cryptographic protocols and decentralized consensus mechanisms, offering robust protection against fraud and cyber threats. Traditional finance, while employing security measures, remains susceptible to centralized points of failure and cyber attacks.

    7. Improved Traceability and Compliance
    8. In industries such as supply chain management and healthcare, blockchain enables end-to-end traceability of assets and products. This enhanced visibility facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and standards, while also combating issues like counterfeit goods and product recalls.

    9. Innovation and Disruption
    10. Investing in blockchain opens doors to disruptive innovation, fostering the development of novel applications and business models. From decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain continues to inspire groundbreaking solutions that challenge traditional paradigms. Blockchain investments foster innovation and disruption by enabling novel applications such as decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), challenging traditional financial models. While traditional finance boasts stability and institutional support, blockchain's innovation potential attracts forward-thinking token holders seeking high-growth opportunities.

    11. Diversification and Portfolio Hedging
    12. Including blockchain assets in investment portfolios can serve as a diversification strategy, offering exposure to a rapidly growing asset class with low correlation to traditional markets. As blockchain matures, it presents opportunities for long-term growth and portfolio hedging against economic uncertainties. Both blockchain and traditional finance investments offer diversification benefits, albeit with different risk profiles and correlations to traditional markets. While traditional finance provides stability and liquidity, blockchain assets offer diversification against systemic risks and exposure to emerging markets.

    13. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management
    14. Traditional finance investments adhere to established regulatory frameworks and compliance standards, providing token holders protection and market stability. In contrast, blockchain investments navigate evolving regulatory landscapes and compliance challenges, balancing innovation with regulatory adherence.

      Investing in blockchain technology offers a myriad of benefits ranging from enhanced transparency and efficiency to heightened security and innovation. As businesses and industries increasingly recognize the value proposition of blockchain, strategic investments in this transformative technology have the potential to unlock significant value and drive sustainable growth in the digital economy. These motivate the idea of TNQ Token. The choice between blockchain and traditional finance investments depends on token holders' risk tolerance, investment objectives, and appetite for innovation. Integrating blockchain technology into traditional finance not only preserves the stability and regulatory certainty inherent in traditional methods but also introduces transformative opportunities for efficiency, transparency, and innovation. By harmonizing these elements, token holders stand to benefit from a comprehensive approach that optimizes risk-adjusted returns and capitalizes on the evolving global financial landscape. TNQ Token is dedicated to democratizing access to these integrated investment strategies for widespread participation and opportunity in the market.

  2. Introduction

    1. Trinique
    2. Trinique is a pioneering digital private fund that offers its utility token, the TNQ Token as the Rewards Allocation Token, empowering token holders to actively participate in the ecosystem. This utility token grants access to exclusive services, allowing engagement in tokenized funds, token locking for rewards, and future receipt of governance tokens based on TNQ holdings for participation in governance decisions. Trinique blends traditional financial principles with cutting-edge blockchain technology, delivering innovative tokenized solutions that drive value and efficiency in the digital assets landscape.

      Bridging Traditional Finance and Blockchain Innovation
      1. Financial Inclusion
      2. Historically, traditional finance has been exclusive, with high barriers to entry. Blockchain technology allows for greater inclusivity, enabling the wide public to participate through fractional ownership, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic status.

      3. Diversification
      4. Blockchain technology can provide individuals with diversification opportunities in the financial market beyond traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. By accessing to diverse range of asset classes, individuals can spread risk and potentially enhance returns by tapping into a high-growth sector with low correlation to traditional markets.

      5. Innovation Exposure
      6. Participation in blockchain-based Finance allows the public to benefit from the growth of innovative technologies and business models. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize various industries, including finance, supply chain management, healthcare and more. By investing in blockchain projects and companies, individuals can benefit from this innovation.

      7. Transparency and Security
      8. Blockchain-based projects offer transparency and security features that can enhance token holders confidence. The decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that transaction records are immutable and transparent, reducing the risk of fraud and manipulation. Smart contracts, a key feature of blockchain technology, can automate and enforce agreements, further enhancing security.

      9. Global Reach
      10. Blockchain projects have the potential to reach a global audience without the need for intermediaries or traditional financial infrastructure. This global reach opens up opportunities in emerging financial markets and allows token holders to diversify their portfolios across borders.

      11. Liquidity
      12. Participation in blockchain projects, such as cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets, offers high liquidity, allowing token holders to buy and sell assets quickly and easily. This liquidity can provide flexibility for token holders to adjust their portfolios in response to changing market conditions or personal objectives.

    3. TNQ Token
      1. The Foundation
      2. Introducing TNQ Token, the Rewards Allocation Token issued by Trinique, a pioneering digital private fund specializing in the fund tokenization. TNQ Token is designed to empower holders with access to a diverse range of rewards and benefits within the Trinique ecosystem. Serving as the cornerstone of this ecosystem, TNQ Token grants holders rights and access to its utility, allowing them to earn rewards based on their active engagement. The value of TNQ Token is anchored in its practical application within the ecosystem, thus token holders derive benefits from its widespread use and demand.

        TNQ Token's value is expressed as Asset Rewards Value (ARV), which correlates directly with key metrics such as the active user base, token transaction volume, total value locked, and the performance of the asset classes where funds are allocated. These factors collectively drive TNQ Token's value over time. As TNQ Token gains wider adoption driven by underlying asset performance, more users participate in the ecosystem, naturally increasing demand for token and enhancing its intrinsic value. TNQ Token serves not only as a utility token within the platform, granting access to ecosystem benefits, but also as an instrument poised to capture value from its expanding user base and development of its use case.

      3. The Utility Use Cases
      4. TNQ Token, a cryptographic token built on blockchain technology and tradable within its network, functioning as the core digital asset crucial to the ecosystem's operations. This token embodies the transferable functionalities outlined within its Smart Contract protocols, facilitating its use as an interoperable token within and beyond the platform. TNQ Token serves multiple utility use cases within the Trinique ecosystem, designed to enhance user engagement and incentivize participation through various mechanisms.

        Firstly, TNQ Token enables holders to participate in rewards based on the performance of underlying asset classes where funds are deployed. As these assets generate returns, they contribute directly to the metrics influencing TNQ Token's value. When the performance of these assets enhances the value of TNQ Token, it attracts more users to adopt TNQ Token, thereby expanding its utility within the ecosystem and increasing its overall value proposition.

        Secondly, TNQ Token serves as the currency for subscription and transfer transactions within the platform. Whether users are acquiring TNQ Token initially or transferring it to others, a fee denominated in TNQ Token is applicable. This fee mechanism plays a crucial role in sustaining the ecosystem's operational activities by ensuring a continuous flow and circulation of TNQ Token. This circulation not only supports the ecosystem's liquidity but also reinforces TNQ Token's role as a fundamental unit for transactions and engagements within the Trinique platform.

        Additionally, TNQ Token provides essential utility functions within the Trinique ecosystem. Locking mechanisms are pivotal in the cryptocurrency context as they contribute to managing token supply dynamics and stabilizing token prices. By voluntarily locking TNQ Tokens for a specified period, holders contribute to temporarily reducing circulating supply while earning a fixed yield, in the form of TNQ Token. This mechanisms not only serve as a means for holders to earn rewards but also play a strategic role in promoting ecosystem stability.

        TNQ Token also facilitates flexible SWAP functionalities within the Trinique's ecosystem, for token holders to convert TNQ Token into USDT securely. This feature is crucial for holders seeking to manage their digital portfolio's with ease of access to liquidity while remaining integrated within the ecosystem. Each SWAP transaction involves a fee payable in TNQ Token, which not only sustains platform operations but also enhances TNQ Token's demand and contributes to overall market adoption.

        Lastly, holding TNQ Token grants holders the privilege of governance participation. Based on their TNQ holdings with terms and conditions applied, token holders receive a percentage of governance tokens, enabling them to actively engage in decision-making processes crucial to the ecosystem's evolution. This forthcoming governance mechanism not only fosters transparency and community involvement but also enhances the utility of TNQ Token in its ongoing development.

      5. Fund Utilization
      6. In formulating the fund utilization strategy, TNQ Token prioritizes sustained growth and long-term viability as foundational pillars. We recognize that a strategic allocation plan is imperative to effectively navigate the complexities of the digital asset landscape. This deliberate approach is structured to ensure that every resource contributes meaningfully to advancing the ecosystem and broadening the utility use case and adoption of TNQ Token in the long term.

        This strategy is not driven by one-size-fits-all solutions but instead grounded in a profound understanding of current market dynamics, risk assessment and awareness of the evolving needs of digital-based community along the way. This comprehensive perspective addresses immediate expansion goals but also establishes a robust foundation for sustained growth and resilience of ecosystem.

        • Asset Allocation
        • The primary focus of TNQ Token is to structure an optimized allocation model designed to attract and retain more token holders, thereby expanding TNQ Token's utility over the long term. Funds allocated towards portfolio management undergo rigorous evaluation based on factors such as potential rewards contribution, risk assessment, and metrics aligned with TNQ Token’s objectives. This approach aims to enhance the token's attractiveness and value proposition within the digital asset landscape. Our strategy emphasizes efficient allocation to maximize the value contribution to Trinique's ecosystem and foster sustainable growth to ensure TNQ Token serves as a robust vehicle for long-term adoption and ecosystem development.

        • Referral Marketing
        • The allocation to referral marketing is pivotal in TNQ Token's growth strategy. Existing users are actively encouraged to invite new participants to be part of the project to facilitate organic user acquisition and building a strong and engaged community. This initiative boosts brand awareness, expands fundamental user base along the development of ecosystem and drives adoption of the TNQ Token, all vital for the long-term sustainability and success of the ecosystem.

        • Brand Marketing
        • Social Media Marketing:

          Social Media Marketing serves as a pivotal tool in our strategy for TNQ Token's growth due to its reach and engagement potential. By leveraging mainstream platforms like Twitter and Telegram, we gain access to vast online communities at establishment stage. Through regular updates, announcements, and interactive content, we aim to gain visibility among our target market, spark conversations and foster a sense of community within the ecosystem. Social media platforms not only allow us to disseminate information quickly but also facilitate direct communication with our audience, enabling us to address inquiries, gather feedback, and nurture a loyal following.

          Influencer Partnerships:

          Influencer Partnerships offer TNQ Token a unique avenue to access targeted audiences and build credibility through trusted endorsements. Influencers hold sway over their followers, who often regard their opinions and recommendations with high regard. By collaborating with influencers who align with our brand values and target demographics, we leverage their authority and authenticity to amplify our message and generate interest in TNQ Token. Influencers also provide valuable market insights and feedback, enabling us to refine our strategies and offerings to better resonate with our audience.

          Strategic Partnerships:

          Strategic Partnerships are instrumental in expanding TNQ Token's ecosystem and unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation. By forging alliances with key industry players, exchanges, and ecosystem partners, we gain access to complementary resources, expertise, and networks. These partnerships enable us to enhance the use case of TNQ Token, tap into new markets, and drive adoption through joint initiatives and collaborative ventures. Moreover, strategic partnerships lend credibility and legitimacy to TNQ Token, bolstering token holders confidence and market perception of our project.

        • Technology Infrastructure & Facility
        • Investments in TNQ Token's technology infrastructure are fundamental to supporting its vision for a robust and scalable platform. This facet underpins the seamless functionality of the platform and elevates the user experience within a secure and reliable environment for conducting transactions and managing assets. With a focus on scalability and resilience, continuously investing in the technology infrastructure is imperative to accommodate growing demand and adapt to evolving market dynamics, delivering a best-in-class user experience while maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability.

        • Ecosystem Development
        • Ecosystem development is central to TNQ Token's mission, recognized as a strategic imperative in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. In today's dynamic environment, where innovation is a key driver of competitive advantage, fostering a thriving ecosystem is essential for achieving sustained growth and increasing the utility of TNQ Token. Investments in strategic partnerships, dedicated developer support initiatives, and community engagement programs are pivotal in this endeavor. These initiatives serve as the foundation of TNQ Token, catalyzing innovation and collaboration across the broader digital ecosystem. In this rapidly- changing landscape, emphasizing the nurturing and expansion of the ecosystem is fundamental as digital environments and user preferences evolve, ensuring TNQ Token's long-term resilience and utility use case in the professional crypto sphere.

        • Security & Compliance
        • Rigorous security protocols and adherence to regulatory standards are integral components of TNQ Token's fund allocation for Security and Compliance. The protection of user assets and the integrity of our platform are paramount to maintaining trust and confidence among its user base. With timely-enhanced risk management practices in place, TNQ Token mitigates potential threats and vulnerabilities, safeguarding the long-term viability of its operations. This commitment to security and compliance not only minimizes risks but also enhances TNQ Token's reputation as a trusted and reliable player in the digital asset space. Moreover, the company acknowledges the necessary of this aspect from numerous failed projects in this growing industry, which underscores the importance of robust security measures and regulatory compliance. Capital allocation to this not only minimizes risks but also enhances oevrall credibility, thereby better positioning TNQ Token to attract and retain users, driving sustained growth and value creation in the long term.

        • Project Team
        • The project team stands as the backbone of its development, boasting expertise in blockchain technology, finance, and business development. This multifaceted team is driven by a collective dedication to delivering long-term success in the development of TNQ Token’s ecosystem, steering the project's vision forward amidst the ever-evolving digital landscape. The team’s profound understanding of industry dynamics and adept strategic execution capabilities are key to maintaining TNQ Token's strategic position in the dynamic digital asset space. High level of adaptability and strategic execution of the core team is essential to swiftly respond to market shifts and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

        • Treasury Reserves
        • Maintaining a treasury reserve is essential to ensuring financial stability and liquidity within the TNQ Token’s ecosystem. By setting aside funds for capitalizing opportunities, contingencies, market interventions and strategic investments, we bolster resilience against market fluctuations and unforeseen events. This reserve serves as a strategic asset, providing flexibility, mitigating risks and safeguarding the long-term viability of the operations.

      7. Matrix of Asset Allocation
      8. Trinique adopts a comprehensive framework for digital asset allocation designed to optimize the long-term utility of TNQ Token. This framework integrates sophisticated fund allocation strategies and incorporates quarterly readjustment and rebalancing mechanisms. The goal is to attract broader range of participants within the crypto space into Trinique's ecosystem, thereby enhancing demand and utility for TNQ Token.

        • Allocation Model
        • Objective:

          Efficiently allocate resources across a diverse range of asset classes to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns and portfolio diversification.


          • Asset Class Selection: Identify a comprehensive set of asset classes, including digital-based assets, traditional financial instruments and potential emerging assets.

          • Allocation Basis: Develop a multi-factor formula that incorporates quantitative metrics (e.g., historical performance, expected returns, volatility, liquidity) and qualitative assessments (e.g., market trends and target returns objective) to determine allocation weights for each asset class. This formula ensures a nuanced and dynamic allocation strategy that adapts to changing market conditions and token holders preferences.

          In the advanced allocation formula:

          • 𝑊𝑖 = Allocation weight for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝑅𝑖 = Expected return of asset class 𝑖

          • 𝑉𝑖 = Volatility of asset class 𝑖

          • 𝐿𝑖 = Liquidity of asset class 𝑖

          • 𝐶𝑖 = Correlation with other asset classes for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝑛 = Number of asset classess

          • 𝑖 represents the specific asset class for which we are calculating the allocation weight.

          • 𝑗 is a variable used in the summation notation to iterate over all asset classes in the portfolio.

          • R𝑖​, 𝑉𝑖, 𝐿𝑖, and 𝐶𝑖​ are the expected return, volatility, liquidity, and correlation, respectively, for asset class 𝑖.

          • Σj-Iπ [(𝑅𝑖 x 𝑉𝑖) + (𝐿𝑖 x 𝐶𝑖)] denotes the summation over all asset classes in the portfolio, where 𝑛n is the total number of asset classes.

          • denotes sum of the weighted factors for all asset classes in the portfolio.

          • 𝑅𝑗, 𝑉𝑗​, 𝐿𝑗, and 𝐶𝑗 are the expected return, volatility, liquidity, and correlation, respectively, for each asset class 𝑗 in the portfolio.

        • Rebalancing Model
        • Objective:

          To systematically rebalance the portfolio on a quarterly basis to maintain target allocation weights and adapt to evolving market dynamics.


          A rebalancing strategy based on deviations from target allocation weights, with thresholds set to trigger rebalancing actions. This approach ensures that the portfolio remains aligned with the investment strategy and key objectives from time to time.

          Rebalancing formula:


          • Rebalance Amount 𝑖 = Amount to be bought or sold for asset class 𝑖i

          • 𝑇𝑖​ = Target return for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝐴𝑖 = Actual return for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝐸𝑖 = Expected return for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝐿𝑖​ = Liquidity level for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝑇earn​ = Time to realize earnings for asset class 𝑖

          • 𝑛 = Number of asset classes

          This formula incorporates several advanced features:

          • Deviation of Actual Return from Targeted Return: The numerator (𝑇𝑖−𝐴𝑖) represents the deviation of the actual return from the targeted return for each asset class. This ensures that assets deviating from their targets are adjusted accordingly.

          • Expected Return: The expected return 𝐸𝑖​ for each asset class is factored into the formula, allowing for a more nuanced assessment of potential future performance.

          • Liquidity Level: The liquidity level 𝐿𝑖​ of each asset class is considered, reflecting the ease with which assets can be bought or sold without significantly impacting their price.

          • Time to Realize Earnings: The time to realize earnings 𝑇earn​ for each asset class is taken into account, reflecting the duration required to convert investments into realized gains. This factor acknowledges the varying time horizons associated with different asset classes.

          The rebalancing mechanism is adopted to integrate several advanced features to optimize portfolio performance and align long-term objectives and it is performed on a quarterly basis. It is one of the asset allocation protocols of TNQ Token to continuously assessing the deviation of actual returns from targeted returns for each asset class for the overall portfolio to be remained dynamically optimized, adjusting allocations as necessary to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

      9. Token Utility Optimization
      10. The strategic framework and initiatives discussed play a crucial role in optimizing the use case of TNQ Token and solidifying its position as a utility token in the digital asset landscape. The independent value of TNQ Token is determined by market dynamics, driven by its adoption rate and the extent to which token holders actively participate in the ecosystem.

        The performance of the underlying assets, the growth of the user base, the total value locked (TVL), and transaction volume are all interdependent factors that contribute to the demand for TNQ Token and its utility use case. To ensure sustained growth and resilience for TNQ Token, the primary efforts will be centered on strategic management of assets within Trinique's ecosystem, fostering collaborative partnerships, and broadening the community base. These initiatives aim to develop diverse utility functions that attract and benefit token holders in the long run and for TNQ Token to enhance its value proposition and ensure long-term viability and success

        As the intrinsic value of TNQ Token is enhanced by increased traction and continuous engagement within the ecosystem, its utility and market position are reinforced. The interplay of these elements is pivotal to the core project's focus, ensuring that TNQ Token remains a highly demanded and sought-after asset in the crypto sphere. TNQ Token's value will reflect its widespread adoption and the active involvement of its user base, driving further growth and innovation.

    4. Existence
      1. VISION
      2. To establish TNQ Token as a leading utility token in the digital asset landscape globally, bridging traditional finance into WEB 3 matrix.

      3. MISSION
      4. To empower token holders through innovative blockchain-driven ecosystem solutions with enhanced utility and a long term value proposition.

      Foundational Pillars
    5. Core Elements
      1. Blockchain-centric
        • Decentralization
        • Through blockchain integration, TNQ Token facilitates decentralized transactions between users, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Smart contracts of TNQ Token, verified by CertiK, govern the token transfers for transparent and trustless interactions. Additionally, the token minting occurs on a decentralized network, enhancing security and preventing unauthorized alterations to the token supply. This decentralized approach fosters a peer-to-peer ecosystem where participants have direct control over their token holding, promoting transparency and reliability.

        • Security
        • Blockchain technology underpins TNQ Token's security framework, providing robust protection against cyber threats and fraudulent activities. The immutability of blockchain ensures every tamper-proof transaction records of TNQ Token, shielding token holders from unauthorized access or manipulation. By leveraging cryptographic techniques and consensus mechanisms, TNQ Token maintains data integrity and confidentiality where the on-chain data are publicly accessible. Blockchain-based security measures fortify TNQ Token's ecosystem, serving as a resilient foundation for secure and seamless transactions.

      2. Innovative Ecosystem
        • Solution for All
        • TNQ Token serves as an innovative bridge between traditional finance and blockchain innovation within Trinique’s ecosystem. It provides participants from diverse backgrounds access to a broad spectrum of institutional-grade financial products previously unavailable to the retail market. This exclusive access fosters wider adoption of TNQ Token and enhances its utility within the ecosystem, creating a positive cycle of growth. This initiative promotes financial inclusion on a global scale, democratizing access to sophisticated financial instruments and opportunities.

        • Wide Adoption
        • TNQ Token aims for widespread adoption by offering user-friendly interfaces and intuitive investment platforms. By simplifying the investment process and providing educational resources, TNQ Token attracts a broad user base, including novice token holders and seasoned professionals. The platform's accessibility extends to both traditional and blockchain-native token holders, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of diversified portfolios and investment strategies. Compnay's commitment to usability and inclusivity accelerates the adoption of digital assets and reshapes the landscape of global finance.

        • Fractional Stake
        • TNQ Token is crafted to revolutionize accessibility by enabling fractional ownership of institutional-grade asset classes. Previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals or institutional token holders, these assets, such as private equity funds or venture capital projects, required substantial capital commitments. However, TNQ Token provides a channel for token holders to access to these asset classes through participation in Trinique’s ecosystem, unlocking previously untapped opportunities for value creation. This model democratizes access to lucrative avenues, empowering individuals from crypto space to diversify their digital assets portfolios.

    6. Executive Team
    7. Our team comprises industry experts with diverse skill sets, expertise, and experience relevant to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, namely blockchain expert, financial analyst, investment strategist, legal and compliance specialist, risk managers, business development professional, communications and marketing specialist, operations and administration personnel, experience advisor and mentor, dedicated to driving the project forward. A cohesive and collaborative crypto investment team with complementary skill sets, diverse perspectives, and a shared commitment to excellence is essential for identifying, evaluating, and executing successful investment strategies in a rapidly evolving and dynamic market landscape.

      Drd. Chong Cheong Sin - Founder

      Chong is a highly experienced professional with more than 10 years of experiences in institutional fund management, heading a team of specialists proficient in wealth management, investment research, investment advisory, and portfolio management. With extensive expertise, he acts as an advisor and director for multiple companies, playing a key role in shaping their strategic business decisions and business management plans.

      Chong has a strong background on financial matters, partners closely with many institutional clients and has invested in various business sectors such as food industry, retail trade, information technology and property management in Asia Pacific Region. He is also a Managing Director of Mirac Finance Ltd., which is a licensed financial services company in Labuan.

      Chong graduated with a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the International Teaching University of Georgia. He completed the Doctor of Business Administration program with Collegium Humanum, Warsaw Management University. At present, he is pursuing the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program at the Swiss School of Management in Switzerland.

      Siaw Jun Kit - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

      Siaw holds a PhD in Finance & Investment, majoring in Technical Analysis. With over 11 years of extensive experience in currency trading, he has become an outstanding figure in the field. Transitioning over the past 7 years, he has gradually shifted his focus towards fund management.

      With substantial knowledge in finance and a successful track record in currency trading, Siaw has developed proprietary manual trading strategies that have attracted millions of dollars in funds under management. He imparts these victorious strategies to currency traders through investment courses and private coaching. Siaw also serves as a speaker for technology and investment firms, functioning as a consultant with various private investment firms. Since 2019, he has leveraged his expertise to create an Artificial Intelligence trading system, providing comprehensive brokerage solutions to both individual and corporate clients.

      With commitment to continuous professional growth, Siaw is actively pursuing internationally recognised certifications, including the Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) offered by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). He is as well challenging the STA Diploma provided by the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Programme offered by the CMT Association. These qualifications further underscore Siaw‘s dedication to excellence and his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and practices.

      As a best-selling author in Malaysia, he penned "Behind A True Trader", a book series that launched in 5 countries, available in English, Malay and Chinese, with a forthcoming masterpiece that explores relationships among financial instruments. Simultaneously, Siaw is working towards his next PhD in Investment Strategy Planning.

      In 2023, marking his illustrious 11-year career, Siaw has assumed the role of CEO at a proprietary trading firm headquartered in Malaysia, where he adeptly oversees a team of numerous market analysts. Concurrently, he stands as the trailblazing CEO of Trinique, he exemplifies visionary leadership and has a demonstrated ability to build and inspire high-performance teams. His strategic direction and unwavering commitment to innovation have established Trinique as a pioneering force in fund tokenization, poised to revolutionize the industry landscape.

      Michael Tan - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

      Michael stands as a beacon of strategic prowess and operational finesse within the executive echelons. His illustrious career spanning over 5 years in the vanguard of leadership roles within the dynamic blockchain industry has endowed him with a wealth of insights and acumen. Michael’s tenure is punctuated by a series of triumphs, marked by his adept orchestration of organizational efficiency and unwavering dedication to bolstering profitability.

      Within the hallowed halls of Trinique, Michael assumes the mantle of responsibility for every facet of daily operations, orchestrating a harmonious symphony of interdepartmental cohesion. His stewardship is hallmarked by an unwavering commitment to synchronizing all endeavours with the overarching vision and objectives of the company. With a laser focus on innovation and meticulous process optimization, Michael architects and executes operational strategies that not only enhance productivity and trim costs but also pave the path for sustainable growth in an ever-evolving industry landscape.

      Yet, Michael’s leadership transcends mere operational acumen; it encapsulates a profound dedication to nurturing a culture of continuous improvement and employee empowerment. He is a stalwart advocate for initiatives that cultivate talent from within, championing the ethos of personal and professional growth among Trinique's workforce. Under his sage guidance, Trinique has metamorphosed its workforce into a formidable bastion of dynamism and adaptability, capable of surmounting any challenge and spearheading innovation with unwavering resolve. As the COO in Trinique, Michael embodies the very essence of Trinique's core values, serving as a catalysing force for operational excellence and propelling the company towards sustained growth amidst the crucible of today's competitive business milieu.

      Saw Hui Shi - Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

      Saw, our newly appointed CFO with a PhD in Biotechnology, brings a unique blend of scientific rigor and financial expertise to our company. With her 4 years of extensive background in biotech research, particularly her experience leading projects that required complex funding solutions, showcases her ability to handle intricate financial landscapes—a critical skill in finance.

      Saw's adeptness at securing grants from private institutions and government bodies has honed her skills in strategic financial planning and risk assessment, crucial for navigating the financial regulations and investment strategies in our industry. Her analytical skills, developed through meticulous scientific research, translate seamlessly into financial analytics, enabling her to forecast economic trends and optimize financial performance. This blend of detailed scientific methodology and robust financial strategy makes Saw an invaluable asset to our company, promising to lead our financial management with innovative solutions and a forward-thinking approach.

      Her biotech-to-finance transition highlights not only her versatile skill set but also her potential to drive strategic growth with a distinctive perspective on investment and resource management. In her role as Trinique's CFO, Saw brings remarkable financial expertise, guiding our financial management with inventive solutions and a forward-looking mindset. Her dedication to innovation and strategic oversight not only strengthens Trinique's financial stability but also positions the company as a trailblazer in fund tokenization.

      Lê Thành Lý - Chief Technolgy Officer (CTO)

      Mr. Lê Thành Lý is a Bachelor of Information Technology degree holder from the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, he currently leads the IT and software team at BCore Technology for more than 10 years. His academic foundation provides a strong footing for overseeing the development and maintenance of technology and product solutions within the company.

      With prior roles as the Chief Information Officer for PMSA, Vietnam, and Vietnam Business Gold, he has amassed extensive experience in recommending tailored solutions and infrastructure for financial institutions. His commitment to aligning technology with business functionalities has been pivotal in driving the success of various projects. Leveraging a robust skill set in project management, business analysis, banking and SMS/Email gateways, blockchain technology, SQL assembly, and crystal report generation, he brings a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies within the industry.

      Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a dedication to excellence, delivering strategic solutions and navigating the complexities of the financial sector. As the head of the IT team at BCore Technology, he continues to contribute a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic vision to ensure the company's ongoing success in the dynamic field of information technology. As Trinique's CTO, Mr. Lê Thành Lý brings extensive experience and expertise in information technology. With a wealth of knowledge, he continues to contribute his technical expertise and strategic vision, ensuring the company's sustained success in the dynamic realm of information technology.

      Koh Ronn Shenq - Deputy Chief Technology Officer (Deputy CTO)

      Koh is a seasoned technologist with a rich background in backend engineering and system architecture. With over 4 years of experience in various tech domains, including tenure at Setel as a Backend Engineer, Koh has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive technical excellence and innovation. Leveraging a diverse skill set that encompasses Golang, TypeScript, and Node.js, among others, Koh has been instrumental in optimizing processes, resolving production issues, and expanding infrastructure to meet evolving business needs.

      Having also served as a Fullstack Developer in a various projects, Kor has honed his proficiency in delivering end-to-end solutions for diverse clientele, ranging from property industry to e-commerce platforms. His knack for problem-solving and deep understanding of technology stack nuances have consistently led to the successful deployment of projects, despite challenges such as discontinued ventures and evolving market landscapes.

      Kor Ronn Shenq holds a Bachelor of Science in Computing from the University of Greenwich, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning and professional development. His blend of hands-on experience, academic rigor, and proactive approach to technology positions him as a valuable asset in any leadership role. As Deputy CTO, Kor is poised to leverage his expertise to drive strategic initiatives, foster innovation, and propel the technological evolution of the organization towards achieving its long-term objectives.

      Alwin Cheng - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

      Alwin possesses over two decades of illustrious expertise in the dynamic realm of marketing, with an additional 4 years of experience in moderating, business development, and marketing for web3 projects in the crypto world. His journey through the corridors of the marketing world has been extraordinary, marked by numerous triumphs that have left an indelible mark on the industry's landscape. Beyond conventional marketing, Alwin demonstrates a unique talent for curating and steering international-grade events that resonate globally. Renowned for his visionary guidance, he has contributed his expertise to prestigious sporting spectacles such as the Professional Golfers' Association (PGA), Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), and Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tournaments, crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate audiences worldwide.

      Alwin's academic prowess mirrors his professional achievements, fortified by a Bachelor of Honors degree in Corporate Communication. This educational foundation serves as the bedrock upon which his stellar career has been erected, endowing him with a profound understanding of the intricate interplay between communication dynamics and corporate strategy. Empowered by this formidable blend of academic rigor and practical acumen, Alwin has spearheaded marketing campaigns that transcend mere promotion, skilfully weaving compelling narratives that resonate with audiences on a visceral level.

      As Trinique's CMO, Alwin guides the marketing division with an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, positioning himself as a visionary architect. His strategies not only enhance brand visibility but also forge profound connections with the community. Alwin's leadership tenure is marked by relentless pursuit of excellence, navigating the evolving marketing landscape with agility and foresight. His indomitable spirit and dedication make him an indispensable asset, propelling Trinique towards unprecedented success and solidifying his legacy as a luminary in the realm of marketing.

      Charles Yap - Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

      Charles is a professional with a Master's Degree in Business in Applied Finance from Queensland University of Technology. With a strong interest in risk management and operational fields, Charles brings over 4 years of valuable experience to the corporate landscape.

      Prior to joining Trinique, Charles was heading the Investment function of Mystartr Sdn Bhd, which could be broken down into investment due diligence and equity crowdfunding operations. His day-to-day responsibilities include business analysis, market research, resource allocation, project management, et cetera. Charles started his career as the General Manager of Simplify Global, where he was responsible for the company’s business development, finance as well as operations and marketing. Under his management, Simplify Global’s business grew by six-fold, through both organic and inorganic growth and managed to strike strategic partnerships with multiple multinational corporations.

      As Trinique's Chief Compliance Officer, Charles brings a wealth of analytical acumen, problem-solving prowess, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His proactive approach to learning and keen determination for success position him as a driving force behind the company's compliance initiatives. With a deep understanding of regulatory requirements and a dedication to upholding the highest standards of integrity, Charles is poised to play a pivotal role in ensuring regulatory adherence and fostering a culture of compliance within Trinique.

      Stephen Kwong - Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

      Stephen started his career in 1995 at TA Futures Sdn Bhd where he served as a senior executive and assisted in setting up company and membership of KLOFFE (Kuala Lumpur Financial Futures Exchange). He joined RHB Futures Sdn Bhd in 1996 and held the position of Manager – Dealing. In 1998, Stephen served as the General Manager of AMMB Futures Sdn Bhd and held the position until 1999 before joining AmFutures Sdn Bhd as an Executive Director. In 2006, he joined AmInvestment Bank Bhd as Senior Vice President, Equity Broking – Foreign Institutional Desk with AmBank Group. He started his education at Methodist Boys Secondary School in Kuala Lumpur before attending Ganella College also in Kuala Lumpur.

      He holds a BSc Degree in Mathematical Operational Research & Economics from Essex University, East Anglia, United Kingdom. He also holds a Capital Market Services Representative License (issued by Securities Commission of Malaysia) for Dealing in Securities and Derivatives.

      Stephen was the Vice President of the Malaysian Futures Brokers Association and a Committee Member of Association of Stockbroking Companies Malaysia, reflect his commitment to industry excellence and regulatory compliance. As Trinique's CIO, Stephen's strategic vision, deep industry knowledge, and regulatory acumen will drive investment strategies and contribute significantly to the company's growth and success.

      Claudio Deaconu - Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

      Claudio, with over 20 years of experience in international corporate law, is a distinguished legal expert in the global business landscape. His extensive expertise covers a wide array of industries, including cryptocurrency, fintech, e-tech, IT, and e-commerce, making him a highly sought-after legal advisor worldwide.

      Claudio has completed over 350 international legal projects for clients in Australia, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, GCC countries, and Latin America. His deep understanding of diverse legal systems allows him to deliver comprehensive and tailored solutions across multiple jurisdictions. Claudio's specialized expertise includes drafting and negotiating international commercial agreements, ensuring compliance with national and international regulations, and providing robust legal frameworks for digital assets and blockchain technologies.

      Claudio leverages his expertise in cryptocurrency and digital assets to help Trinique achieve legal and regulatory standards as the company’s Chief Legal Officer (CLO). By developing robust legal frameworks, navigating regulatory challenges, and ensuring compliance with evolving global standards, Claudio will foster innovation and protect consumer interests, positioning Trinique at the forefront of the blockchain industry.

      Ng Yao Wee - Blockchain Advisor

      Ng is a Chief Technology Officer at Fintech HQ, a fintech and web3 company that he co-founded. Currently immersed in a pivotal role, he is spearheading the development of a cutting-edge digital banking technology stack. His mission is to seamlessly bridge the gap between traditional and web3 finance, propelling the industry into a new era of interconnected financial ecosystems.

      Ng boasts a remarkable track record, having founded a compliance technology startup dedicated to revolutionizing KYC onboarding for financial institutions through innovative facial recognition technology. Furthermore, he has showcased his leadership acumen as the head of a fintech software development company, specializing in the creation of robust payment gateways and groundbreaking blockchain products.

      Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, Ng is a sought-after advisor for startups and companies across both the US and Asia. His profound expertise spans the realms of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, making him an invaluable resource for those navigating the dynamic landscape of financial technology. With his strategic vision and profound expertise, he is well-positioned to offer invaluable insights and guidance to Trinique as a blockchain advisor, guiding the company through the dynamic terrain of blockchain technology and fintech innovation.

  3. Trust & Security

    1. Institutional Partners
    2. With regards to traditional finance (TradFi) or Web3 Finance, setting up and operating any given fund involves many parties, we work with the most reputable, well-established partners across all functions. Partnering with reputable institutional providers across fund administration, smart contract auditing, external auditing, and exchange listing demonstrates the investment fund's commitment to transparency, security, compliance, and token holders protection. These partnerships help mitigate risks, enhance operational efficiency, and foster trust among token holders in the fund's management and operations.

      1. BBS Trust International Limited: Fund Administrator and Custodian
      2. BBS Trust plays a critical role in fund administration and custody services. As the fund administrator, they oversee the day-to-day operations of the fund, including NAV increment calculation, token holders reporting, compliance monitoring, and regulatory filings. Additionally, as the custodian, BBS Trust safeguards the fund, ensuring proper custody and safekeeping of securities, cash, and other assets held within the fund. Their reputation for reliability and adherence to regulatory standards makes them a trusted partner in managing token holders assets securely.

      3. Certik: Smart Contract Auditor
      4. Certik specializes in blockchain security and auditing smart contracts to identify vulnerabilities and ensure code integrity. By engaging Certik as a smart contract auditor, Trinique demonstrates a commitment to security and risk management in its operations. Certik's thorough auditing process helps mitigate the risk of smart contract exploits, hacking, and other security breaches, enhancing token holders confidence in the fund's technology infrastructure.

      5. BDO: Labuan Approved Auditor
      6. BDO serves as the external auditor responsible for auditing the fund's financial statements and providing assurance on their accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. As an established auditing firm with expertise in financial services, BDO brings credibility and transparency to the fund's financial reporting. Their independent audit opinion provides token holders with confidence in the fund's financial performance, governance, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

      7. Coinstore: Reputable Exchange
      8. The mention of TNQ Token being listed on a reputable exchange signifies the company's commitment to increased market access for participants. By listing TNQ Token on a reputable exchange, token holders have the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade their token holdings with confidence, benefiting from transparent pricing, liquidity, and market depth. A reputable exchange also enhances the token's visibility and credibility within the crypto market, attracting a broader token holders base and increasing liquidity for the fund's token holders.

      9. Carstoiu Remus Cosmin Law Firm : Law Firm
      10. Carstoiu Remus Cosmin Law Firm is a dynamic, international legal group specializing in high-tech sectors with offices in Romania, Liechtenstein, and The Netherlands. The firm excel in cryptocurrency legal frameworks, contract law, corporate compliance, web and IT law, data privacy, and international commercial legislation. With over two decades of experience and a diverse global client base, the firm deliver innovative legal solutions tailored to each client's unique needs. A commitment to client satisfaction, overseen by Attorney Remus Cosmin Carstoiu, ensures personalized service and trusted partnerships in navigating the complex legal landscape of the modern world.

      11. Transparency & Disclosure
      12. We believe the standards for transparency and disclosure in Web3 finance should meet or exceed those in TradFi. Our commitment to transparency and disclosure within the Web3 finance ecosystem, setting a standard that matches or surpasses the transparency levels observed in traditional finance (TradFi). Prioritizes transparency and disclosure within the Web3 finance ecosystem, aiming to exceed the standards observed in traditional finance. By providing detailed information about products, protocols, audit status, and undergoing regular audits, the organization fosters trust, enhances accountability, and promotes informed decision-making among token holders and stakeholders.

      13. Product and Protocol Details
      14. The organization strives to maintain transparency by offering detailed information about its products and protocols. This includes disclosing relevant dimensions such as features, functionalities, use cases, governance mechanisms, and risk factors. By providing comprehensive insights, token holders can make informed decisions and understand the intricacies of the offerings.

      15. Audit Status
      16. Transparency extends to the technical aspects, particularly the audit status of the protocols and associated entities. The organization commits to transparency regarding the audit status of its products, ensuring that token holders are aware of any vulnerabilities or security measures. This transparency instills confidence in the reliability and security of the protocols, mitigating risks associated with potential vulnerabilities or flaws.

      17. Financial and Information Security Audits
      18. To uphold transparency and accountability, the organization undergoes regular financial and information security audits. These audits assess the financial health, operational integrity, and security measures of the organization and its related entities. By sharing audit reports with authorized parties, such as token holders and regulatory authorities, the organization demonstrates its commitment to compliance, risk management, and token holders protection.

      19. Legal & Regulatory Compliance
      20. Trinique takes legal and regulatory compliance seriously. Our strong commitment to legal and regulatory compliance within its operations, particularly in the context of the TNQ Token’s ecosystem. Our dedication to legal and regulatory compliance is evident through its serious approach, conservative risk management practices, consultation with experts, compliant product design, and conservative regulatory posture. By prioritizing compliance, Trinique seeks to build trust, mitigate risks and uphold its commitment to ethical conduct and regulatory integrity within the industry.

      21. Conservative Risk Management
      22. The organization adopts a conservative approach to risk management, emphasizing prudence and caution in its operations. By prioritizing risk mitigation and avoidance, the organization seeks to minimize exposure to legal, regulatory, and operational risks that could potentially impact its reputation, finances, or stakeholders.

      23. Consultation with Experts
      24. To ensure compliance with legal, tax, and regulatory requirements, the organization consults with multiple experts in these fields. By engaging legal, tax, and regulatory advisors, the organization gains access to specialized expertise and insights, enabling it to navigate complex legal and regulatory landscapes effectively. This proactive approach helps the organization stay abreast of regulatory developments and anticipate compliance challenges.

      25. Compliant Product Design
      26. The organization invests significant effort in designing its products in a compliant manner. This involves integrating legal and regulatory considerations into product development processes from the outset, ensuring that products are structured and implemented in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. By prioritizing compliance-by-design, the organization minimizes the risk of non-compliance and regulatory scrutiny.

      27. Conservative Regulatory Posture
      28. As a result of its diligent efforts and conservative approach, the organization maintains a conservative regulatory posture. This posture reflects a commitment to regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and responsible governance, aligning with the organization's values and principles.

      29. Real Time and Transparent Monitoring
      30. TNQ Token’s official website offers real-time access to crucial data, providing users with comprehensive insights into the ecosystem. This includes live updates on the total minted amount, market circulating supply, total locked amount and historical data on token minting and supply over time, offering transparency regarding the token's distribution. This commitment to transparency and accountability underscores company's dedication to maintaining trust and integrity within its community and token holders.

  4. Product

    1. TNQ Token
    2. TNQ Token, operating within the Trinique ecosystem, fundamentally serves as a Rewards Allocation Token, facilitating access to diverse functions within Trinique's ecosystem. It plays a crucial role in supporting various operations within its rewarding framework. Unlike speculative tokens, TNQ Token's value depends on metrics such as active user base, token transaction volume, total value locked, and the performance of underlying asset classes. The long-term value proposition emphasizes the utility aspects of TNQ Token within its ecosystem.

      Holders of TNQ Token stand to benefit from the increase in Asset Rewards Value (ARV) over time, influenced by these metrics. As adoption and utility of TNQ Token grow, so does its ARV, potentially leading to gains for token holders. This approach aligns the interests of token holders with the overall success and expansion of the Trinique ecosystem, encouraging active participation and engagement.

      Holding TNQ Token signifies more than just possessing a digital asset; it represents an active stake in a robust and evolving blockchain ecosystem. The value of TNQ Token is intricately tied to several key metrics, including user base, transaction volume, total value locked by token holders, and asset performance. This interconnected value structure highlights the token's reliance on widespread adoption and diverse utility functions within the ecosystem.

      Token holders are participating in a dynamic network where TNQ Token's utility drives its demand and, consequently, its value. The metrics of an active user base and transaction volume underscore the community’s engagement and transactional activity, while the total value locked reflects trust and investment within the ecosystem. Additionally, the performance of underlying assets ensures that the token’s value is anchored to real, tangible financial instruments.

      Thus, holding TNQ Token means being part of a decentralized financial system where value is derived from the collective actions of its users and the strategic management of its assets. It offers not only the potential for financial returns but also a stake in governance and the future direction of the ecosystem, empowering holders to benefit from and contribute to the token's long-term growth and utility.

      1. Tokenomics
      2. With a maximum supply capped at 1,000,000,000 TNQ Token, inherent scarcity potentially enables store of value over time, through demand relative to the fixed supply. This finite availability ensures the token itself maintains its exclusivity and value proposition, fostering confidence among token holders in its long-term viability and growth potential.

        Additionally, the mechanism of reflecting ARV based on widespread token adoption enhances transparency and confidence among token holders, as they can directly correlate the value of TNQ Token with the ecosystem's growth and their participation within it. The alignment between token supply and ARV reinforces TNQ Token's value proposition and underscores its commitment to user-centric principles for wider adoption. As more people participate in the ecosystem, the scarcity of TNQ Token increases, further accentuating its value. This scarcity creates a mutually reinforcing cycle of value and confidence among token holders within the Trinique ecosystem.

        TNQ Token exemplifies accessibility and liquidity through their seamless availability for users to purchase via the official client portal easily. Additionally, token holders have the option to participate in TNQ Token’s locking mechanism to earn more token to increase their token holding and flexibility to swap TNQ Token for USDT, subject to specific terms and conditions. Additionally, the token's tradability on centralized exchanges further enhances liquidity, enabling token holders to freely buy, sell and trade TNQ Token on established trading platforms. This liquidity not only facilitates transactions among token holders but also provides them with flexibility and access to the overall appeal and use case of TNQ Token within its ecosystem.

      3. Asset Rewards Value (ARV)
      4. ARV represents the value of TNQ Token based on widespread adoption metrics such as user base, total value locked, transaction volume, and asset performance. These metrics are recalibrated daily to reflect the token's current value within the ecosystem.

      5. ARV Components
        • Active User Base (AUB)
        • • Contribution: Represents the number of active users engaging with the ecosystem

          • Weight: AUB contributes to ARV by indicating the ecosystem's user engagement and potential growth

          • Calculation: ARV_AUB = (Weight_AUB x User Base)

        • Total Value Locked (TVL)
        • • Contribution: Reflects the total value of assets or tokens locked within the ecosystem

          • Weight: TVL contributes to ARV by demonstrating the financial commitment and stability within the ecosystem

          • Calculation: ARV_TVL = (Weight_TVL x TVL)

        • Transaction Volume (TV)
        • • Contribution: Represents the average daily transaction volume conducted within the ecosystem

          • Weight: TV contributes to ARV by indicating the level of economic activity and liquidity within the ecosystem

          • Calculation: ARV_TV = (Weight_TV x TV)

        • Asset Performance (AP)
        • • Contribution: Reflects the performance of the underlying assets under the allocation strategies

          • Weight: AP contributes to ARV by indicating the profitability and success of the ecosystem's financial activities

          • Calculation: ARV_AP = (Weight_AP x AP)

      6. ARV Daily Calculation
      7. ARV Daily = ∑ (Weight_metric x metric)

        Weights assigned to each metric are as follows:

        • Weight_AUB = 0.2

        • Weight_TVL = 0.2

        • Weight_TV = 0.1

        • Weight_AP = 0.5


        • The ARV Daily can be calculated as a weighted sum of the components

        • Weight_metric: Represents the relative importance or influence of each metric on ARV

        • metric: Represents the actual value of each metric (AUB, TVL, TV, AP) on a given day

        • ARV will start from base price of USD 1.00 and increases over time based on the metrics outlined above

        The ARV serves as a crucial metric determining the value of TNQ Token within the ecosystem, representing the cumulative rewards accrued over time. This metric forms the foundation for TNQ Token's intrinsic value. As the token gains wider adoption and participation within the ecosystem, the ARV mechanism reflects this collective value growth, leading to an increase in the overall value of TNQ Token.

        The recalibration of ARV is adjusted on a T+1 basis with daily updates available on the official website at 2:00 PM (UTC+8), serving as a crucial value benchmark for the community and the public to track and evaluate. At the end of each month, the ARV will be undergoing variation adjustment to align with the actual performance metrics of the underlying assets. Trinique emphasizes transparency by facilitating easy access to historical monthly ARV values on the official TNQ Token website. This transparency enables the community and the wider public to gain valuable insights into evolving value proposition trends and ecosystem performance.

        Moreover, the transparency and reliability of the ARV mechanism provide a foundational framework for stakeholders to gauge TNQ Token's financial stability and ecosystem vitality. By offering clear and verifiable data on independent market value, the ARV instills confidence among token holders within the ecosystem. As TNQ Token evolves, its ARV serves not just as a metric of financial performance but also as a barometer of community engagement and ecosystem health, reflecting the token's integral role in driving sustainable growth and value creation within the its ecosystem.

      8. ARV Modelling
      9. The ARV serves as a fundamental indicator of TNQ Token’s value, projected to undergo steady valuation over time. This valuation is underpinned by the timely recalibration of TNQ Token based on metrics such as user adoption, total value locked, transaction volume, and asset performance. This alignment establishes a stable foundation for TNQ Token to provide token holders a level of confidence that the value of their token holdings reflects the growth and stability of the Trinique ecosystem.

        Furthermore, the organic growth in user adoption is a key driver of valuation within the ARV mechanism. As these metrics of wider adoption are integrated into the value of ARV, they organically and independently contribute to the actual valuation of TNQ Token. This mechanism accentuates the value of TNQ Token, especially for longerterm holders. Through prolonged holding periods, token holders stand to unlock the full potential of compounding, as the ARV continually amplifies the value of TNQ Token over time.

        A primary driver of consistent potential increase of ARV is the strategic alignment of ecosystem growth initiatives and robust asset management practices. These mechanisms enhance the value growth stability of the TNQ Token. By fostering organic growth and strategic management, Trinique not only reinforces the potential for long-term growth in ARV but also cultivates a resilient ecosystem and confidence among ecosystem participants.

        Looking ahead, the strategic alignment of TNQ Token's ARV with ecosystem growth initiatives lays the groundwork for organically sustained and realistic value. As blockchain technology continues to mature and Trinique expands its network of partnerships and utility offerings, the ARV becomes increasingly reflective of the token's intrinsic value and utility within the broader digital economy. This evolution positions TNQ Token not just as a financial instrument but as a cornerstone of decentralized finance solutions. By nurturing a robust ecosystem and continually enhancing utility through innovative applications, Trinique aims to establish TNQ Token as a resilient asset that not only preserves but also grows in value over the long term

      10. User Onboarding Flows
      11. How to Acquire TNQ Token
      12. Acquiring TNQ Token is designed to be accessible and straightforward, offering two primary avenues for interested individuals. The first method involves direct purchase through the company official website, where users can easily sign up for an account and access the purchase function. Alternatively, TNQ Token are also available on centralized exchanges where TNQ Token is listed.

        Step 1: Registration

        The first step for users is to register for an account. Once they have provided the information on registration step, they will need to verify their email to ensure secure communications. Upon the first login, it is crucial to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. This step is mandatory to comply with financial regulations and safeguard your assets. If the KYC verification is rejected, they will have to resubmit revised documentation for approval before operating in the client portal.

        For Individual Onboarding:

        • Information Required:
        • • Full Name

          • National Identity Number/Passport Number

          • Email

          • Phone Number

          • Address

        • KYC Documents:
        • • Government-issued ID (National ID/Passport)

          • Selfie with holding ID (for identity verification purposes)

        For Corporate Onboarding:

        • Information Required:
          • Particulars of Corporate Representative
          • • Name

            • Contact Number

            • Position within Corporation

          • Particulars of Corporation
          • • Name (As per in Certificate of Incorporation)

            • Company Registration No.

            • Company Registered Address

            • Country of Incorporation

            • Date of Incorporation

            • Type of Company

            • Email

          • KYC Documents:
          • • Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation

            • ⁠Certified copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association / Constitution or By-Laws or Charter

            • Certified copy of special resolution from the subscriber’s Board of Directors, verified and signed by the company secretary to invest a specified Sum in TNQ Token

        Step 2: Buy TNQ Token

        After becoming a verified user, the CRM account is ready for use. Users will start with token purchase, by depositing USDT into their wallet or they can choose to buy TNQ Token directly with fiat currency using on-ramp service that Trinique has integrated in the client portal.

        USDT Deposit

        This option is suitable for users who already hold USDT or prefer the convenience of digital currency transactions. Users can make the deposit into TNQ CRM and swiftly convert their USDT into TNQ Token, leveraging their existing crypto holdings token purchase.

        Purchase via On-Ramp Service

        Users who are new to cryptocurrency or prefer traditional fiat currency transactions can utilize on-ramp service integrated into the Trinique CRM. This service enables users to purchase TNQ Token directly with fiat currency, streamlining the process of token purchase for those accustomed to traditional financial channels.

        Step 3: Enjoy Increase in ARV

        Experience the advantages of holding TNQ Token as you harness the value growth potential of the ARV. With TNQ Token, you have the unique opportunity to benefit from the daily reflection of ARV, showcasing the cumulative value creation within the Trinique’s ecosystem.

      13. Locking Mechanism
      14. TNQ Token introduces a locking mechanism designed to incentivize and reward committed token holders through a yield-generating process. This mechanism involves locking TNQ Token for a predetermined period of 45 days per locking cycle, during which the locking yield can be claimed at the end of each cycle. To initiate the locking of TNQ Token, a minimum of 3000 TNQ Token is required. During the locking period, token holders benefit from a fixed yield rate of 0.2% per 45-day locking period. By locking their tokens, token holders demonstrate their long-term commitment to the TNQ Token’s ecosystem, contributing to the stability and growth of token's value proposition over time.

        TNQ Token locking is a mechanism for token holders to lock TNQ Token to earn locking yield. Token holders not only benefit from the increase in ARV but also have the opportunity to accumulate more TNQ Token over the locking periods. This dual benefit structure incentivizes token holders to lock their TNQ Token for extended periods, promoting stability and growth while contributing to the long-term success of the ecosystem. Furthermore, the introduction of auto-locking streamlines the process, automatically initiating a new 45-day locking period upon the maturity of the current one. This feature eliminates the need for manual intervention for token holders to continuously earn locking yield without interruption. Auto-locking promotes convenience and efficiency for token holders to enjoy a compounded amount of token return while benefiting from ARV potential appreciation through token holdings.

        The locking mechanism entails a 45-day period during which a minimum of 3,000 TNQ Token must be locked. If the Auto-Locking is enabled, a new 45-day locking period will be initiated automatically upon the maturity of the current one, where the locked capital together with the locking yield earned from the preceding locking period will be relocked. If the Auto-Locking is not enabled, the locked TNQ Token, including the locking yield earned during the locking period, will be credited back to the user's wallet immediately upon maturity of the 45-day locking period, and they will be added to SWAP Credit for future Token SWAP. During an active locking period, users have the option to unlock their active locking, with the unlocking process requiring a standard duration of 7 days. Once unlocked, the locked tokens will be returned to the client's wallet immediately. Notably, partial unlocking is not permitted, users must unlock the full amount. Furthermore, unlocking will result in the loss of the locking yield that would have been earned if the unlocking had not occurred.

        Overall, TNQ Token's locking mechanism introduces a unique incentive structure that not only benefits token holders with opportunities for increased token accumulation but also contributes to the overall stability of the ecosystem by reducing volatility associated with amount of token circulation, thereby contributing to ARV increments. By encouraging long-term token holdings, this mechanism cultivates a community of committed and engaged stakeholders dedicated to the sustainable success of the project. The stability brought about by the locking mechanism enhances confidence among token holders and contributes to the overall stability of the TNQ Token's ecosystem as it continues to develop.

      15. SWAP Mechanism
      16. The SWAP mechanic within the TNQ Token’s ecosystem provides token holders with the opportunity to exchange their tokens for USDT, offering enhanced liquidity and flexibility in managing their holdings. This unique feature enables token holders to convert their TNQ Token into USDT based on the balance of SWAP Credit available, executed at current ARV, with transparently outlined fees applied in the form of TNQ Token. By incorporating this SWAP mechanism in the TNQ Token’s CRM, it enhances the flexibility to token holders, allowing them to convert their tokens to USDT as needed.

        The amount of TNQ Token eligible for Token SWAP is determined based on the SWAP Credit available, which is the amount of TNQ Token that has been completed at least 1 complete cycle of 45-day locking period. As per the locking mechanism, TNQ Tokens that have been locked for a complete 45-day period are eligible for Token SWAP. However, it is important to note that not only the original amount of TNQ Token locked will be added to SWAP Credit, any additional tokens earned as yield during the locking period will also be eligible to add to SWAP Credit. This mechanism gives token holders more credit in the swapping process, aligning with the company's commitment to rewarding loyal and value-centric token holders. Additionally, by linking SWAP eligibility to the locking mechanism, speculative trading tendencies are curbed, fostering a community of dedicated token holders committed to the long-term growth and stability of the ecosystem.

        A total of 15% SWAP fee will be incurred when token holders execute the Token SWAP function. This fee structure encourages responsible token usage while supporting liquidity provision, market stability, operations and growth of the ecosystem in the long run. The 15% SWAP fee is detailed as follows:

        • Custodian Fee
        • • A Custodian Fee of 2.5% will be levied based on the current ARV upon Token SWAP request. This fee compensates the custodian for services such as safekeeping, administration, record-keeping, and reporting.

        • Compliance Fee
        • • An Compliance Fee of 4.0% will be levied based on the current ARV upon Token SWAP request. This fee incurs the cost of operations to ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards as well as related to legal counsel and regulatory compliance, such as anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) procedures, especially if they interact with traditional finance or fiat gateways.

        • Management Fee
        • • A Management Fee of 8.5% will be applied based on the current ARV upon Token SWAP request. This fee is intended to cover the costs associated with administering and managing the fund. These costs include, but are not limited to:

          ☉ Research and Analysis: Costs associated with conducting market research, analyzing investment opportunities, and evaluating potential risks and returns.

          ☉ Asset Allocation Management: Compensation for making strategict decisions in asset allocation, constructing portfolios and implementing strategies.

          ☉ Performance Monitoring: Costs associated with monitoring portfolio performance, tracking investments and adjusting strategies as needed.

        Upon execution of the Token SWAP, the USDT equivalent to the net value of the SWAP will be credited to the owner's wallet on 30th day for settlement. The value of SWAP is based on current ARV, reflecting real-time market conditions and ensuring fair and transparent exchange rates for token holders. This dynamic pricing mechanism provides token holders with more insights to make informed decisions and execute SWAP at optimal time for value realization from their token holdings.

  5. Ecosystem

    1. Ecosystem Overview
      1. TNQ Token Issuance
      2. With an emphasis on utility, TNQ Token Issuance embodies Trinique's innovative approach to establish access to its multifaceted ecosystem participation, offering participants a gateway to diverse opportunities within the landscape. Beyond static ownership, TNQ Token integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem's fabric, incentivizing active participation and rewarding token holders through its robust utility features. TNQ Token symbolizes more than mere units, they represent ownership in a dynamic ecosystem valued by token adoption metrics. The value proposition of TNQ Token is elegantly captured in its ARV, a dynamic combination of weighted average metrics recalibrated daily. This ARV is meticulously crafted, drawing insights from historical metric values spanning previous months, to reflect an evolving measure of utility and stability. It stands as a testament to Trinique's commitment to transparency and data-driven decision-making in the digital asset landscape.

      3. User Registration
      4. User registration with Trinique marks the commencement of an exciting journey towards financial empowerment and inclusion. This pivotal step entails furnishing comprehensive details for account creation and undergoing the essential Know Your Customer (KYC) process, a cornerstone of regulatory compliance and security. Once users submit their KYC information and documents, Trinique’s compliance team will be conducting a thorough review within a swift 24-hour window. This commitment to efficiency ensures that users can swiftly progress through the registration process, enabling them to swiftly access Trinique's suite of transformative financial solutions.

      5. Token Acquisition
      6. Token acquisition represents the gateway to a world of opportunity within Trinique's ecosystem, marking the culmination of a seamless journey from registration to verification. Empowered by successful KYC validation, users unlock entry into Trinique's client portal, a digital haven where transformative possibilities await. Within this portal, facilitated by an intuitive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, users navigate a user-friendly interface to seamlessly purchase TNQ Token. They wield the freedom to choose their preferred method of acquisition, whether depositing USDT into their decentralized wallet or utilizing the on-ramp service for direct token acquisition with fiat currency. This process unfolds effortlessly, with token purchase transactions executed at the current ARV price shown in TNQ CRM.

      7. Custodial Safeguarding
      8. Custodial safeguarding lies at the heart of Trinique's commitment to ensuring the security and integrity of token holders' assets. Entrusted as the custodian, BBS stands as a stalwart guardian, diligently safeguarding the funds from TNQ Token holders. With funds in every TNQ Token acquired are safeguarded by custodian, token holders are afforded with a sense of confidence and peace of mind, knowing that their funds are properly overseen and securely managed. Bolstered by BBS's implementation of rigorous security measures and protocols, token holders can rest assured that their funds are shielded from unauthorized access and potential threats. This unwavering dedication to protection underscores Trinique's commitment to fostering a trusted and secure environment where TNQ holders participate.

      9. Fund Allocation
      10. With precision and foresight, Trinique executes a strategic deployment of funds sourced from TNQ token holders, channeling them into a meticulously curated portfolio of high-quality asset classes. This deployment strategy prioritizes assets characterized by anticipated returns, volatility, liquidity, and inter-asset correlations to ensure resilience and objectives established by TNQ Token itself are met. Each asset class will be undergoing a rigorous selection process, grounded in thorough due diligence and comprehensive risk assessment, meticulously aligned with the holding objectives of TNQ Token. The fund allocated will be rebalanced on quarterly basis to safeguard and maximize the value for each token holder, thus contributing to a sustainable growth within the TNQ Token’s community.

      11. Performance Monitoring
      12. Dedicated fund administrators vigilantly oversee the performance of Trinique's dynamic asset portfolio, maintaining a steadfast watch over evolving market dynamics and asset performance trends. This proactive approach ensures that Trinique remains agile and responsive to market shifts, allowing for timely adjustments to investment strategies when warranted. Moreover, the generation of monthly porfolio performance reports serves as a beacon of transparency, offering users unparalleled insights into the portfolio's growth trajectory and performance metrics. These reports, diligently compiled and disseminated to both custodians and Trinique on a monthly basis, form the bedrock upon which daily TAV is derived and subsequently reflected. Through this robust system of performance monitoring and reporting, Trinique reaffirms its commitment to accountability, transparency, and token holders satisfaction within the TNQ Token’s ecosystem.

      13. Smart Contract Verification
      14. Trinique ensures the robustness and security of the TNQ Token's smart contract by subjecting it to meticulous verification conducted by CertiK, a leading Smart Contract Auditor in the industry. This rigorous process guarantees the reliability, security, and transparency of the smart contract, mitigating potential risks associated with vulnerabilities or exploits. Through this collaboration, Trinique reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the interests of token holders with an environment of trust and confidence. By upholding the highest standards of excellence and security, Trinique aims to maintain a high benchmark for reliability and integrity within the realm of tokenized portfolio management, ensuring peace of mind for token holders that participate within the TNQ Token’s ecosystem.

      15. Audit and Compliance
      16. Trinique upholds a steadfast commitment to transparency and regulatory compliance through regular audits conducted by BDO, a distinguished auditing firm renowned for its integrity and expertise. These comprehensive audits meticulously scrutinize Trinique's operations and accounts, ensuring alignment with stringent regulatory standards and industry best practices. By subjecting its operations to such rigorous examination, Trinique demonstrates its unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and accountability. This proactive approach not only instills trust and confidence among users but also underscores Trinique's steadfast commitment to upholding the principles of transparency and compliance, setting a new standard for excellence within the industry.

  6. CRM

    1. CRM Overview
    2. The TNQ Token’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools offer users a comprehensive medium to effortlessly manage their token holdings, including buying, tracking, purchasing, locking and SWAP of TNQ Token. With a streamlined user experience, individuals and corporations can easily sign up and undergo identity verification through the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, unlocking access to all platform functions. This user-friendly approach ensures that users can navigate the platform with ease, leveraging its full suite of features to efficiently manage their token holdings and engage in token transactions. By prioritizing simplicity and accessibility, TNQ CRM tools allow token holders to manage their holdings, enhancing their overall experience and facilitating greater engagement within the ecosystem.

    3. CRM Tools Functions
      1. Deposit and withdrawal of TNQ Token and USDT
      2. Users can deposit TNQ Token and USDT into their accounts on the platform via blockchain network like Ethereum Network (ERC-20), enabling them to participate in various activities such as buying or locking. Similarly, users can withdraw TNQ Token and USDT from their wallet to external wallet address such as exchange when needed.

      3. Hold TNQ Token and USDT in Own Wallet
      4. The platform allows users to securely hold their TNQ Token and USDT in their own wallets within the CRM, providing control and flexibility over their digital assets while ensuring the safety of their holdings.

      5. Transfer TNQ Token among users
      6. Users have the ability to transfer TNQ Token directly to other users within the TNQ CRM, facilitating peer-to-peer transactions between participants within the ecosystem.

      7. Track Transaction History
      8. Users can easily track their transaction history, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, purchases, locking and Token SWAP, providing transparency and accountability in their financial activities on the platform.

      9. Purchase TNQ Token with USDT
      10. Users have the option to purchase TNQ Token directly with USDT (requires deposit of USDT into wallet) or through On-Ramp service integrated in client’s portal where users can purchase with FIAT currency, providing a convenient and efficient way to acquire TNQ Token without the need for additional conversions or intermediaries.

      11. Locking
      12. Users can participate in the TNQ Token’s locking mechanism, which involves the locking of TNQ Token for a specified period of time to earn rewards. This feature incentivizes long-term holding and curtails the circulating supply while providing opportunities for users to accumulate additional TNQ Token. Long-term holders can leverage the Auto-Locking feature to passively increase their token holdings

      13. Token SWAP for USDT
      14. The platform offers functionality of SWAP that allows users to exchange their TNQ Token for USDT at current ARV, providing liquidity and flexibility for token holders to manage their holdings as needed, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

      15. Access to Premium User Program
      16. The premium user program offers exclusive benefits and privileges to users who meet certain criteria, such as holding a specified amount of TNQ Token or achieving a certain level of engagement on the platform. These benefits may include reduced fees, rewards, access to premium features, or participation in special events or promotions.

  7. Contract & Metrics

    1. Overview
    2. Smart contracts play a pivotal role in the functionality and operation of crypto tokens within blockchain ecosystems. These self-executing contracts are encoded with predefined rules and conditions, enabling automated and transparent execution of transactions without the need for intermediaries. In the context of crypto tokens, smart contracts facilitate various functionalities such as token issuance, transfer, and management, ensuring trustless and tamper-resistant transactions. Additionally, smart contracts enable the implementation of token-specific features such as token locking,or yield farming, providing additional use case and value to token holders. By leveraging smart contracts, crypto tokens can enforce security, transparency, and efficiency in their operations, enhancing trust and confidence among users and stakeholders.

      Token metrics are essential parameters that provide insights into the characteristics and performance of crypto tokens, influencing token holders sentiment and market dynamics. These metrics encompass a range of quantitative and qualitative factors such as token supply, distribution, circulation, market capitalization, liquidity, and tokenomics. Understanding token metrics is crucial for token holders and stakeholders to assess the fundamental value and potential growth prospects of a crypto token. By analyzing token metrics, token holders can evaluate factors such as token scarcity, demand-supply dynamics, distribution patterns, and token’s use case, informing their investment decisions and risk management strategies. Moreover, token metrics serve as key indicators for project teams and token issuers to monitor and optimize the performance of their tokens, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning to drive long-term success and sustainability within the crypto ecosystem.

      Token TNQ
      Blockchain Ethereum, ERC20
      Contract Address 0x47E5C76F155083F1aee39578311a2A5FaA938A82
      Contract Audit Certik https://skynet.certik.com/projects/trinique
      Project Team Audit Certik (KYC Gold Badge)
      Token Type Asset Allocation Token
      Total Supply 1,000,000,000 TNQ
      Explorer Linkhttps://etherscan.io/token/0x47E5C76F155083F1aee39578311a2A5FaA938A82
      Minting MechanismMulti-Signature Approval with Automatic Call Function
  8. Premium User Program

    1. Program Overview
    2. The TNQ Token’s Premium User Program is an initiative designed to enhance the experience and benefits for users who make direct token acquisition in TNQ CRM. At its core, the program operates through a referral system where users can share their unique Referral Link which is extracted from the Client Portal. By inviting new users to register and purchase TNQ Token through Client Portal, premium users can unlock a range of advantages.

      Firstly, users directly benefit from the program by becoming enrolled agents. This status grants them access to agent benefits, rewarding them for introducing new users to participate in this project and facilitating token purchase. As users engage more actively and expand their network, they can elevate their status to that of an Associate Partner. In this role, they contribute to building the TNQ Token’s community, thereby strengthening the ecosystem, and in return, gain the rewards exclusively reserved for Associate Partner.

      Indirectly, the program has broader implications for the TNQ Token’s ecosystem. A larger community of token holders translates to increased value and resilience within the ecosystem. This heightened value not only benefits existing users but also attracts new participants, further enlarging the community and reinforcing the ecosystem's strength. As time progresses, the anticipated growth in TAV is poised to yield higher returns for all token holders.

      Moreover, the Premium User Program is not static but dynamic, with ongoing developments and additional benefits planned for the future. As TNQ Token's ecosystem continues to evolve and expand its use case, users can expect more perks and rewards to be introduced along the way. This forward-looking approach ensures that participants in the program remain engaged and incentivized, while also contributing to the overall growth and success of TNQ Token.

      In essence, the Premium User Program is a multifaceted initiative aimed at enriching the user experience, fostering community growth, and fortifying the project’s ecosystem. Through direct benefits such as agent rewards and associate partner status, as well as the indirect advantages of a stronger community and increased token value, participants stand to gain significantly. As the program evolves in tandem with development of TNQ Token, users can look forward to even more benefits and opportunities on the horizon.

    3. Type and Qualification
    4. The Premium User Program is structured into two (2) distinct qualification identities:

      • Agent
      • Associate Partner

      The status of an Agent is permanent and remains active once attained, while becoming an Associate Partner is performance-based, requiring a consistent level of achievement to maintain.

      1. Qualification - Agent
      2. The qualification process for becoming an Agent unfolds across two (2) phases, each delineated by specific criteria:

        Phase 1

        July 1st, 2024 to September 30th, 2024
        • Engage in a self-directed purchase of TNQ Token from the TNQ’s official Client Portal, amounting to at least 1,000 USD equivalent value of token
        • Secure at least one referral who makes a direct purchase of TNQ Token from the official Client Portal, amounting to at least 3,000 USD equivalent value of token

        Phase 2

        October 1st, 2024 onwards
        • Engage in a self-directed purchase of TNQ Token from the TNQ’s official Client Portal, amounting to at least 1,000 USD equivalent value of token
        • Secure at least one referral who makes a direct purchase of TNQ Token from the official Client Portal, amounting to at least 3,000 USD equivalent value of token
      3. Qualification - Associate Partner
      4. Performance monitoring is integral to assessing one's suitability. Individuals will be undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure alignment with Trinique's standards set for qualified Associate Partner in the ecosystem. If deemed suitable, collaborative efforts ensue, leading to the appointment as an Associate Partner.

      5. Premium User Program Terms And Conditions
      6. The Premium User Program of TNQ Token is governed by a comprehensive set of terms and conditions, which outline the responsibilities and expectations of qualifying users. It is crucial for participants to thoroughly understand these terms, as they define the roles they undertake within the ecosystem. By adhering to these guidelines, users pledge to act in the best interests of both project and themselves, fostering an environment of trust, transparency, and mutual respect. These terms not only serve as a framework for ethical conduct but also promote accountability and responsibility among premium users, empowering them to contribute to the sustainability and growth of the community.

        In essence, the terms and conditions of the Premium User Program represent the shared values and aspirations of TNQ Token, embodying a commitment to integrity, diligence, and ethical behavior. By embracing these principles, qualifying users lay the groundwork for a collaborative partnership that fosters mutual prosperity and success within the ecosystem.

        Premium User Program terms and condition:

  9. Milestones & Roadmap

    1. Milestone
      • 1st Half of December 2023
        ☉ Establishment of Trinique
        ☉ Business Roadmap Planning
        ☉ Establishment of TNQ Token’s Tokenomics
      • 2nd Half of December 2023
        ☉ Official Incorporation of TNQ Token
        ☉ Engagement of Custodian
        ☉ TNQ Token’s Smart Contract TestNet Launch
      • 1st Half of January 2024
        ☉ TNQ Token’s Official Website Launch
        ☉ Official CRM Launch
        ☉ Community Launch
      • 2nd Half of January 2024
        ☉ Official Engagement with CertiK
        ☉ TNQ Token’s Smart Contract Mainnet Launch
        ☉ MoU signing with CEX - Coinstore
      • 1st Half of February 2024
        ☉ Regulatory Compliance (FSA Approval)
        ☉ TNQ Token’s Smart Contract Verified by CertiK
      • 2nd Half of February 2024
        ☉ Collaboration - Trading Service Provider
        ☉ Introduction of TAV model
      • 1st Half of March 2024
        ☉ TNQ Token’s CEX Listing - Coinstore
        ☉ Premium User Program Aannouncement
      • 2nd Half of March 2024
        ☉ TNQ Token Grand Launching (at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
        ☉ CertiK KYC Gold Badge Obtained
        ☉ Collaborative Twitter AMA session Hosted by CEX
      • 1st Half of April 2024
        ☉ CoinGecko TNQ Token Pre-List
        ☉ Introduction of TNQ Token Locking Mechanism
        ☉ Introduction of TNQ Token SWAP Mechanism
      • 2nd Half of April 2024
        ☉ TNQ Token’s Twitter Gold Tick Obtained
        ☉ Token 2049 Dubai Event Participation
        ☉ TNQ Token’s Official Website 2.0 Launch
      • 1st Half of May 2024
        ☉ First Wave of TNQ Token Giveaway Event
        ☉ Introduction of Enhanced Tokenomics Model
      • 2nd Half of May 2024
        ☉ Second Wave of TNQ Token Giveaway Event
    2. Roadmap
    3. Target Market

      TNQ Token stands as an Rewards Allocation Token, offering a refined alternative for traditional token holders venturing into the realm of Web3. With heightened liquidity, global accessibility and a reliance on decentralized financial ecosystem, it instils greater confidence in token holders through pillars of transparency, liquidity, security, and ownership.

      The following is a non-exhaustive list of current and immediate future undertaking of TNQ Token:

      • Q3 2024
        ☉ On-Ramp Integration
        Integration of MoonPay's on-ramp service into TNQ Token’s CRM, allowing holders to conveniently purchase TNQ Token with FIAT money.
      • ARV Activation
        Presenting opportunities to enjoy the potential growth of the TNQ Token’s value through increased utility and widespread adoption
      • Multi-Assets Allocation
        Incorporating diverse asset classes to mitigate risk exposure and provide a buffer against the adverse effects of downturns in a single market.
      • Q4 2024
        ☉Digital Security Brokers On-Boarding
        Targeting on digital securities brokers in 8 Southeast Asian countries to expand TNQ Token's territorial coverage, jurisdictional reach, and market horizon.
      • TNQ Token Super-APP Introduction
        Enabling token holders to seamlessly access and enjoy a wide range of functions and features within the ecosystem with a single click to dive into infinite possibilities.
      • Top 10 CEX Listing
        Empowering TNQ Token through the expansion of greater market access through listing in Top 10 CEX.
      • Governance Token Airdrop Campaign Kick-Off
        Positioning the campaign as an airdrop task further empowers the TNQ Token's ecosystem with rewarding incentives
      • Q1 2025
        ☉ Governance Token Launch
        Distributing the governance token to the community, extending supplementary benefits to TNQ Token’s community members, and executing airdrops to engage potential customers.
      • TNQ Token Super-APP Infinite Introduction
        Initiating a comprehensive upgrade of the TNQ Token’s software system to enhance user experience and improve the governance token ecosystem by expanding permissions and functionalities.
      • Governance DAO System Implementation
        Revolutionizing traditional organizational models by facilitating collective ownership and on-chain decision-making.
      • Q2 2025
        TNQ Token into the Globe
        Expanding TNQ Token into the global market from its roots in South East Asia, broadening community base and strengthening token branding worldwide.
      • Governance Token Ecosystem Debut
        Bringing greater utility to the governance token, fostering increased demand and enhancing its value by empowering token holders with more influence and capabilities.
      • Top 3 Market Maker Collaboration
        Partnering with the Market Maker frontrunners to ensure sufficient liquidity and efficient market operations, thus fortifying governance token's position in the market's perception
  10. Legal

    1. Risk and Disclaimer
      1. Interpreting Risk and Disclaimer
      2. All terms used in this notice, which are defined in the Trinique Terms of Use (the “Terms of Use”), have the same meaning and construction as in the Terms of Use.

      3. Trinique Services
      4. This notice provides you with information about the risks associated with Trinique Services. Each Trinique Service has its own distinct risks. This notice provides a general description of the risks when you use Trinique Services.

        This notice does not explain all of the risks or how such risks relate to your personal circumstances. It is important that you fully understand the risks involved before making a decision to use Trinique Services.

      5. No Personal Advice
      6. We do not provide personal advice in relation to our products or services. We sometimes provide factual information, information about transaction procedures and information about the potential risks. However, any decision to use our products or services is made by you. No communication or information provided to you by Trinique is intended as, or shall be considered or construed as, investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy or related transaction is appropriate for you according to your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

      7. No Monitoring
      8. Trinique is not your broker, intermediary, agent, or advisor and has no fiduciary relationship or obligation to you in connection with any trades or other decisions or activities undertaken by you using Trinique Services. We do not monitor whether your use of Trinique Services is consistent with your financial goals and objectives. It is up to you to assess whether your financial resources are adequate for your financial activity with us, and to your risk appetite in the products and services you use.

      9. No Tax, Regulatory or Legal Advice
      10. The taxation of Digital Assets is uncertain, and you are responsible for determining what taxes you might be liable to, and how they apply, when transacting through the Trinique Services. It is your responsibility to report and pay any taxes that may arise from transacting on the Trinique Services, and you acknowledge that Trinique does not provide legal or tax advice relative to these transactions. If you have any doubts about your tax status or obligations when using Trinique Services, or with respect to the Digital Assets held to the credit of your TNQ’s CRM portal, you may wish to seek independent advice.

        You acknowledge that, when, where and as required by applicable legislation, Trinique shall report information regarding your transactions, transfers, distributions or payments to tax or other public authorities. Similarly, when, where and as required by applicable law, Trinique shall withhold taxes related to your transactions, transfers, distributions or payments. Applicable legislation could also prompt Trinique to request you for additional tax information, status, certificates or documentation. You acknowledge that failure to answer these requests within the timeframe defined may result in withholding taxes by Trinique, to be remitted to tax authorities as defined by relevant law. You are encouraged to seek professional and personal tax advice regarding the above and before making any digital asset transaction.

      11. Market Risk
      12. Investment in Digital Asset is subject to high market risk. Changes in value may be significant and may occur rapidly and without warning. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. The value of an investment and any returns can go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount you had invested.

      13. Liquidity Risk
      14. Digital Assets may have limited liquidity which may make it difficult or impossible for you to sell or exit a position when you wish to do so. This may occur at any time, including at times of rapid price movements.

      15. Availability Risk
      16. We do not guarantee that Trinique Services will be available at any particular time or that Trinique Services will not be subject to unplanned service outages or network congestion. It may not be possible for you to buy, sell, store, transfer, send or receive Digital Assets when you wish to do so.

        There are legal requirements in various countries which may restrict the products and services that Trinique can lawfully provide. Accordingly, some products and services and/or certain functionalities within the Platform may not be available or may be restricted in certain jurisdictions or regions or to certain Users and any Trinique campaigns, user competitions or other promotions will not be open to (and are not targeted at or intended for) Users to whom restrictions apply. Users are responsible for informing themselves about and observing any restrictions and/or requirements imposed with respect to the access to and use of the Platform and the Trinique Services in each jurisdiction from which the Platform and the Trinique Services are accessed by or on behalf of the User. Trinique reserves the right to change, modify or impose additional restrictions with respect to the access to and use of the Platform and/or the Trinique Services from time to time in its sole discretion without notification.

      17. Third Party Risk
      18. Third parties, such as payment providers, custodians, and banking partners may be involved in the provision of Trinique Services. You may be subject to the terms and conditions of these third parties, and may not be responsible for any loss that these third parties may cause to you.

      19. Security Risk
      20. It is not possible for company to eliminate all security risks. You are responsible for keeping your TNQ Token’s Account password safe, and you may be responsible for all the transactions under your Account, whether you authorised them or not. Transactions in Digital Assets may be irreversible, and losses due to fraudulent or unauthorised transactions may not be recoverable.

      21. Risks Related to Digital Assets
      22. Given the nature of Digital Assets and their underlying technologies, there are a number of intrinsic risks, including but not limited to:

        • faults, defects, hacks, exploits, errors, protocol failures or unforeseen circumstances occurring in respect of a Digital Asset or the technologies or economic systems on which the Digital Asset rely;
        • transactions in Digital Assets being irreversible. Consequently, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable;
        • technological development leading to the obsolescence of a Digital Asset;
        • delays causing transactions not to be settled on the scheduled delivery date; and
        • attacks on the protocol or technologies on which a Digital Asset depends, including, but not limited to: i. distributed denial of service; ii. sybil attacks; iii. phishing; iv. social engineering; v. hacking; vi. smurfing; vii. malware; viii. double spending; ix. majority-mining, consensus-based or other mining attacks; x. misinformation campaigns; xi. forks; and xii. spoofing.
      23. Fluctuation Risk
      24. Digital Asset markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Rapid price changes may occur at any time, including outside of normal business hours.

      25. Communication Risk
      26. When you communicate with us via electronic communication, you should be aware that electronic communications can fail, can be delayed, may not be secure and/or may not reach the intended destination.

      27. Currency Risk
      28. Currency exchange fluctuations will impact your gains and losses.

      29. Legal Risk
      30. Changes in laws and regulations may materially affect the value of Digital Assets. This risk is unpredictable and may vary from market to market.

    2. Policies, Terms & Conditions
      1. Terms of Use
      2. terms-of-use.pdf
      3. Locking Policy
      4. swap-policy.pdf
      5. SWAP Policy
      6. swap-policy.pdf
      7. Privacy Policy
      8. privacy-policy.pdf